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PRODUCT rightarrow TUBULATOR turbulator float equipments

Crimson Turbulator is designed and built to help operators achieve the primary cement job,

necessary to isolate the zones of interest, and to obtain a cement seal in the overlap of liner installation.

The spiral-vane turbulator is a slip-on rigid centralizer. The turbulator ID is slightly larger than the casing OD. Curved vanes welded to the turbulator’s inner mandrel provide casing centralization during cementing operations. If thecasing will be rotated or reciprocated during cementing operations, the spiral-vane turbulator should be installed between two stop rings or between a casing collar and stop ring. If casing will not be rotated or reciprocated, the turbulator can be attached to the casing with set screws.

A flexible ceramic coating can be applied to the turbulator to reduce friction. A brass overlay can also be added to the contact area of the turbulator vane if the casing will be run through polished bore sealing areas. The turbulator is available for 2-7/8" to 4" tubing sizes and 4-½" to 24" casing sizes. The standard turbulator length is 5", but other lengths can be manufactured at the customer’s request.