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Stab-in float shoe have the features of high-temperature, good sealed, drill ability and connecting easily. It is used in general technical casing and oil-string casing, also used in deep well, extra deep well and special technology well. Stab in Float shoe is designed with a taper in the top of the concrete to guide the adapter on the bottom of the inner-string into the receiver incorporated in the float shoe or collar.

Stab-in float shoe belongs to inner string cementing range, it insists of shell, cement, self-motion grout valve, stab-in sub, O ring and stab-in pipe carrier. Its structure and operating principle are same to Casing float shoes, its feature: cementing in big diameter casing, through drill pipe inserts into the stab-in pipe carrier of stab-in shoe to achieve well cementing, this method can reduce wasting cement and avoid in using big diameter plugs in general cementing well, in order to achieve goal of economic and efficient. Internal parts are made of high quality material to achieve high strength and PDC drillable. The Stab-in Float Shoe are also available in Double Valve.

Crimson Stab-in Float Shoe are available for casing Sizes 9 5/8” to 30”