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12 Transitional//EN">The latch-down wiper plug and baffle may be used with most conventional floating equipment, but they are most commonly used in small-diameter tubing for inner-string cementing. The Wiper Plug with integrated Ball Seat and drill pipe darts is a liner wiper plug system designed to displace well fluids and cement both efficiently and accurately. The Liner Wiper Plug is attached to the Liner Hanger Setting Tool in the Liner. The Ball Seat is located in the Wiper Plug to build up pressure to the Liner running string for setting the Hydraulic Liner Hanger. When the Liner Hanger is set, the Ball Seat can be pumped out and is captured in a catcher at the bottom of the Liner Wiper Plug.

The wiper plug system is to act as a mechanical barrier to avoid the contamination of the cement with mud inside Drill Pipe and Liner. The wiper plug in front of the cement column wipes and clean the inside of the Liner prior to contact with cement and the second plug after the cement column. The wiper plugs will be hold in place in an adapter sup till the darts will release the wiper plugs. At the end of the displacement the wiper plug bumped on the landing collar above the shoe-track at the bottom of the liner.

All components of Latch down Wiper Plugs are PDC drillable and the Wiper blade sizes can be adjusted to wipe multiple ID’s of various drill string configurations. baffle plates can also be ordered for threaded casing collars is available in casing sizes 41⁄2" through 13 3⁄8" and tubing sizes 2 3⁄8" through
4 1⁄2".