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float equipments manufacturer for oil and gas accessories

Float Equipments / Glide supplies serves as an essential part of casing equipment utilized mostly in cementing operations. They direct the packaging to the aggregate depth and keeps debased mud from entering the casing. LikeIn the same way it also gives an arriving point to the casing wiper fittings, strengthens the lower end of the casing string. This supply guarantees more noteworthy exactness of the cement slurry relocation.

Crimson Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd offers the live tested technologies that are long lasting and impervious to wear whether it is the case of long time flow, grating oil fluids or PDC drivable. Our float equipment incorporates a complete line of exactness made float technologies, including: Cement Float Shoe, Cement Float Collar, Double Valve Float Shoe and Collar, Stab-In Float Shoe and Collar, Cement Guide Shoe, Flapper Type Float Collar and Reamer Shoev.

We, Crimson Oil Tools Pvt. Ltd is a certified company for providing quality manufactured goods of oil & gas. We deal in providing a complete range of float accessories with innovative designs and latest techniques. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing the top notch quality products as per the requisite of customer.

We design and develop the tools for you!!