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Crimson Oil Tools is manufacturing complete line of Float Equipments, Centralizers, Stop Collars, Hammer Unions, Cementing Plugs, Cement Basket and other oil & gas drilling equipments (downhole cementing & casing accessories) at its facility in Faridabad, Haryana, India.

We are meeting requirement of our customers performing primary cementing of their casing and tubing strings.

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Our manufacturing procedures are in accordance with international quality standards, including API and ISO-9001.

Centralizers are designed to move the casing away from the formation wall and center the pipe in the borehole. Several types of centralizers are available including bow spring, rigid and solid centralizers. To keep the centralizer at the desired location, stop collars are used either as separate pieces of equipment or as an integral part of the centralizer itself.

The float equipment is a barrier to cement flow up to the rating of the float equipment. API RP 10F49 provides testing methods and performance categories for float equipment. Float equipment is categorized by its durability to flow (and reverse flow for auto-fill equipment) and the temperature rating of the equipment.

The drilling and completion of wells have been highly improved over the years. This has mainly been driven by the desire for optimizing production rates and recovery factor and to increase the safety in the industry.

We are supplying casing & cementing accessories to various oilfield companies in many countries i.e. US, Vietnam, Thiland, Russia, Kuwait, Oman, Azerbaijan etc.


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